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Germany › White Wine

Selbach Incline Riesling 2016

Selbach Incline Riesling 2016

Fruity with vibrant acidity, clarity, and precision; all highlighted by intense slate driven minerality. As an introduction to what one can gleam from great Mosel wine, Selbach's 'Incline' is incredible. You may find the "Doctor" has been dosing you with the wrong medicine.  more


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Weingut Martin Furst Elbling Dry 2017

Weingut Martin Furst Elbling Dry 2017

Light bodied, low alcohol, and dry as a vodka martini, Elbling is like a Teutonic answer to Muscadet. Pairings: It's perfect for chilled oysters, river fish, and light summery fare like salads, raw foods, fresh greens and grains.  more


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Weingut Stefan Meyer Silvaner 2017

Weingut Stefan Meyer Silvaner 2017



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