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September Wines
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Wine Spirits
If you are ordering for local delivery, you are not guaranteed to receive your order on the same day. If you need it for same day delivery, please call the store at least one hour before we close to arrange.

Hours for Delivery:
M-F 3-9p
Sat 3-10p
Sun 3-7p

About Us

September Wines & Spirits specializes in small-production, earth-friendly wines from around the world. We support smaller, family-run vineyards where true passion and generations of pride go into the winemaking—where quality is valued over quantity.

We are vehemently opposed to using numerical values to assess wines (ie the point system). We feel that scoring a wine is like scoring music or art. What might please one person gives absolutely no indication whether it will please another. But we realize that when you are shopping on line, we do not get a chance to interact with you in order to ascertain your particular tastes. So, we offer the points in case this is how you shop.